A long Time Evolving


Prada Marfa, TX

My boyfriend is moving to Houston, TX for work. I decided to go on a road trip with him so he wouldn't have to do the drive alone. I had seen pictures of this Prada Store in the middle of nowhere and suggested we take a pit stop to see it. Fortunately, this was only about an hour off of the I-10 and he was down to check it out too. 

Driving from LA, on the I-10 East, it takes about 15 hours straight, with no traffic. Except we left on a Friday and of course we lagged and caught the LA traffic, as well as some gnarly accident traffic on the border of CA and AZ, so it took us about 17 hours to get there. The next afternoon we finally pulled off the I-10 and onto the US-90 in what seems like the middle of no where farmland. Much of America is in the middle of nowhere, so this seemingly could of been anywhere in rural North America. 

We finally pull up to our destination and a few cars and people were already there. We waited and found a moment of solitude, just us and Prada, but not for long as a roadwork truck passed by to warn us they were about to pave the road. For being in the middle of no where, it was quite busy. We snapped a few pics and continued on our way to Austin. The road back to the I-10 did feel desolate and it kind of seemed that way all the way until we reached Austin, TX. 

The pics below include Prada Marfa and a couple of Austin. Apparently Austin is a food truck city, and I can attest it is, there are Food truck parks on every corner.