A long Time Evolving


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This year’s Dirtybird campout was at a different venue than the past two years. It was further up north, right next to where LIB is held. At first my friends and I who live in Los Angeles were a little bummed we had to drive an extra 2.5 hours but after the weekend I’m definitely happy about the venue change. The venue was huge and there were many trails (from the camping grounds to the festival grounds) to explore. There were also legitimate showers scattered around the camping grounds, which added to the glamping experience.

Despite the venue change and increase of campers, Dirtybird managed to still keep an intimate vibe. There were two stages: the main Birdhouse stage and the smaller, Bass Lodge Stage. This year you could definitely find my friends and I posted at the Bass Lodge. Saturday night was definitely the highlight of Dirtybird Campout for me this year. There was a haystack in the middle of the dancefloor that my friends and I stood on for a solid 5 hours. We were elevated enough that we had a perfect view of the DJs, crowd and were a good distance from the speakers. During that time on the haystack we saw Barclay Crenshaw, Shades, DJ Marky, and The Martin Brothers’ DnB set. I’ve been really into DnB and Breakbeats lately so the music during this time was so mind blowing, I swear to God I felt like I was riding a spaceship, or maybe I was just melting into the hay. Either way the Bass Gods were sending and I was receiving.  

This weekend I really only set two goals for myself: No complaining and reminding myself I’m in the right place at the right time! Doing this really allowed myself to live in the moment more and made the weekendhat much better! You know I will be back next year, until then DBC...Thank you so much for the good beats and vibes you really are one of my favorite festivals.

Whitney Robinson