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It’s crazy how much shit life will throw at you at once. I almost didn’t think I was going to make it to Oregon Eclipse but I knew I had to go since I had been planning this since January. 

I flew into Oregon from LA and my friends, Stephen and Kyra picked me up in their Sprinter Van.  The line was as crazy as everyone said it was, I think we waited for a solid 10-12 hours before getting in. However I was asleep the whole time, haha...shout out Stephen, thanks for maning the van and letting Kyra and I sleep. However the wait was good because when we got in Thursday morning and it was daylight, we were able to link up with the crew we had been planning to camp with pretty easily. We set up home for the next 5 days and then explored the festival grounds. 

My favorite stage was the Sun Stage, which was put on by Envision Festival. The stage had wood engravings with projection mapping, which made it so magical! The music there was mostly Tribal/World Dub and it was so grounding. Being grounded was absolutely what I needed the most right now. Something that I immediately noticed about this festival was that there were people from all over the world. This festival was really special because everyone here was gathered to watch an incredible celestial event. 

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Whitney Robinson